Garden Tractor Pull – Saturday, August 18 at 10:00 am
Weigh in starts at 9:00 am

Class 1a – 1000# – Kids – 10-15 year old – MUST wear helmet and show ability to drive
Class 1b – 1200# – Kids – 10-15 year old – MUST wear helmet and show ability to drive

Class 2a – 1000# – single cylinder
Class 2a 1000# single cylinder
Class 2b 1050# 14 hp single cylinder
Class 2c 1050# 18 hp twin or single cylinder
Class 2d 1200# single cylinder
Class 3a 1400# Twin cylinder flat head engine
Class 3b 1600# Twin cylinder flat head engine
Class 4a 1400# Twin cylinder overhead valve engine
Class 4b 1600# Twin cylinder overhead valve engine

Registration begins on-site on Saturday, August 18th at 8am

Entry Fee $10.00

  • All general tractor rules apply – please review them
  • May use up to 16 H.P. single cylinder engine or 25 H.P. twin cylinder engine. Stock bore (+.060 allowed). Stock stroke, garden tractor type carburetor.
  • Manufactured garden tractor transmission housing
  • May have home built or lengthened frames, not to exceed 87 inches in length from center or rear axle to furthest point forward. Maximum width – 60 inches
  • Hoods, grills, and rear fenders are required.
  • Minimum requirements: All tractors must have enclosed clutches and flywheel using 1/8” steel or 1/4” aluminum. All belts and chains must be shielded front, top, and sides using 1/16” steel or 1/8” aluminum. Drive shafts must be shielded on the top and sides (frame OK) with 1/8” steel or 1/4” aluminum. Twins may be shielded. Side plates the length of the block and 6 inches above and below the center line of the crankshaft of 1/8” steel of 1/4” aluminum.
  • Helmet, long pants, dead man throttle, kill switch (engine and electric fuel pump) and a 2-1/2” lb. fire extinguisher, all required.
  • Exhaust must be pointed vertical up with no more than 30 degrees variance. Exception being factory stock (muffled exhaust system)
  • Safety glasses of helmet shields will be worn in all mod classes.
  • Tire size: 26 – 12 – 12 only.



A. Each tractor will have opportunity to pull in three (3) of five (5) weight classes. Excluding open class, tractors pulling in this class do not qualify to pull in any other classes.
B. Tractors go across scale after pulling in any other class.
C. Driver can stop with in first 25’ and re-pull.
D. All drivers must be 16 years old or older – drivers 16-18 years of age will require their parents signature on entry form in order to pull.
E. All contestants enter at their own risk and will not hold the Racine, Kenosha, Walworth County AG Societies or any other hosting or sponsoring party liable for any accident, in jury, or damage that may occur during this contest.
F. Operator must be in contact with seat at all times.
G. One hand must be on the steering wheel at all times.

Additional Rules for Class 2b and Class 2c

  1. All general tractor rules apply 5. No professional tires
  2. 3800 RPM (will be checked) 6. Stock garden tractor engine .030 overbore allowed
  3. Kill switch 7. Factory release carb for that engine
  4. Cut tires allowed 26-12-12 8. No porting or polishing of valves

Tractor Regulations

A. Tractor cannot exceed 87” in length from center of rear axle to furthest most point of front

B. Limit engine size to 50 cubic inch.

  1. Exhaust must shoot forward or upward.
  2. Engine must have working governor with governors engine speed not to excee 4000 RPM.
  3. Engine must be equipped with manufacturers carburetor.
  4. Must run in pump gas.
  5. 4 cycle industrial type engines – NO AUTOMOTIVE, MOTORCYCLE, ATV, OR SNOWMOBILE TYPE ENGINES.

C. Clutch guards required.
D. Rear wheel drive only.
E. Maximum draw bar height of 13” measured to bottom point of adjustment.
F. Maximum of 16” rims with 12” wide tires – NO CUT TIRES.
G. Alter frame to accommodate engine in rule “B’ 1400/1600/1800# Classes
H. Tractors must have brakes in operating condition.
I. Accessible clevis with minimum of 3” hole.
Must be corrected by end of class.
J. No duals, chains, or studs.
K. Weights must be secured – Disqualification if weights fall off while on track.
L. Wheely bars – Advisable in all classes – Mandatory in Open 1200/1400/1600# classes. Wheely bars must be a minimum of 5” from outer most point of rear tire and a maximum of 5” off the ground.

M. If tractor goes out of bounds – Disqualification.
N. If any part of the tractor falls off while on the track – Disqualification.

Prize Money:
1st – $40.00
2nd – $30.00
3rd – $20.00
4th – $10.00

Trophies donated by: Phillips Excavating – Gust Dumpster Service